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Keeping wonder in the world


Heidi Woodward Sheffield

Underneath it all, I am seven years old. Deep down, I am that buck-toothed little girl who dreams in pictures, clips snippets of words, puts them in a pretend pocket. I believe.

Awards & Recognition

• 2021 Ezra Jack Keats Illustration Award

• Dolly Parton Imagination Library Book (BRICK BY BRICK)

• 2020 The Original Art Show, Society of Illustrators

• 2020 3x3 Honor International Illustration Awards

• 2019  Illustration West 58 Exhibit

• 2020 Muskegon Museum of Art Exhibition

• SCBWI 2017 LA Mentorship Award

• SCBWI 2017 NY Portfolio Award, Honorable Mention

• SCBWI 2016 Bologna, Short List for Illustration

• SCBWI 2016 Wild, Wild Midwestern Conference, Second Place

• SCBWI 2014 NV Illustration Mentorship 

• SCBWI 2010 NV Illustration Mentorship 

• SCBWI 2007 MI Illustration Mentorship 

• SCBWI 2007 Don Freeman Grant, Runner Up

• SCBWI 2006 NY Winter Conference, Top 10 Illustration Showcase

• American Library Association Awards, Illustration and Design

• Highlights Writers Workshops

• Numerous Addy Awards: Illustration, Design, and Copywriting


• Hard knocks, School of Life

• BA in English, University of Michigan

• BA in Design, College for Creative Studies

Prior Life

• Breast Cancer Survivor

Heidi Woodward Sheffield, author and illustrator

I walk around with my head in the sky, my eyes on the ground. A sidewalk yields the most interesting swirls, cracks, and bits of rock. I photograph this world within a world. I get some funny looks, but that's normal for an artist.


The odd bit or castaway trash is just as rich. I pick shiny words like a magpie. A fertile seed sprouts the idea for a story.

I love the differences in us all. I love the similarities, too. The world is multi-hued, texture upon texture, layer upon layer, our stories overlapping in the most beautiful collage. 

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